Petrovac-Sveti Stefan

A panoramic cruising trip Petrovac-Svet Stefan is your chance to see wonders of Budva Riviera, memorize them with your cameras and get numerous likes after sharing them on your social network profiles.

Montenegro Star boat sails out of the dock in Petrovac many times a day, getting you to the Adriatic pearl and one of the most prestigious summer resorts – Sveti Stefan.

As soon as we sail out you will have a chance to enjoy the wild beauty of Montenegrin coastline – sloping rocks that descend into water, thick pine woods and hills rising high above the sea. Wild beaches, inlets and cliffs shaped by the sea throughout the period of millions of years, are something you’ll need to take photo of as you’ll wish to keep the memory of them forever.

The first settlements we’ll meet on our way to Sveti Stefan are Perazica Do i Rezevici. Unfortunately the view of an unfinished hotel AS is not as charming, but seeing Rezevici monastery will definitely compensate.

This is where the untouched nature spreads in front of us, until the cape Skocidjevojka (Maiden’s leap) is reached. After passing this cape you will notice canon bunkers from the period of FR Yugoslavia buried in the cliffs, and magnificent villas on the top of the cliffs.

Skocidjevojka, photo: CdM

Once again you will enjoy wild beaches, intensive green and blue colors, and perhaps a waterfall or two (very much possible if it rained a previous day, which is not so common in the summer for this area).

Drobni Pijesak stands out with its size, number of tourists who visit it, but also with a turquoise color of the sea. We definitely think you’ll wish to swim here!

Not long after passing Drobni Pijesak, Montenegro Star reaches Sveti Stefan making a half circle around it so it can be seen it from all sides. This is a chance to take your best photos of this inspiring location and share them on your social network profiles.

St. Stefan, photo: Wikipedia

Just near Sveti Stefan is Milocer, which used to be a summer royal residence, and today it is a resort for millioners.

From Milocer, our boat comes back to Petrovac, but not before circling around the islets of Katic and Sveta Nedjelja (Holly Sunday) and sailing along the line of Petrovac beach giving one more enjoyable moment to our guests

It takes one hour and forty minutes to enjoy this panoramic cruising trip, but the memory of it is years longer!