Petrovac-Drobni Pijesak

Drobni Pijesak used to be very important in the past history of Pastrovici area, and today is one of the most favorite places where locals spend their free day. This is one of the most popular beaches in Budva Riviera. All these reasons are good enough to enjoy your day here so Montenegro Star will make your day and take you to Drobni Pijesak – this fantastic beach!

Montenegro Star sails out of the dock in Petrovac many times a day, and heads towards azure water of Drobni Pijesak.

As soon as we sail out you will have a chance to enjoy the wild beauty of Montenegrin coastline – sloping rocks that descend into water, thick pine woods and hills rising high above the sea – all seems as if you started a journey through a fairytale.

As you reach the beach Perazica Do, a well known Rezevici monastery can be seen in the hinterland. This is where the untouched nature spreads in front of us, until we reach the cape Skocidjevojka (Maiden’s leap). After passing this cape you will notice canon bunkers from the period of FR Yugoslavia buried in the cliffs, and on the top of the cliffs magnificent villas settled in the greenness and rocks.

Perazica Do, photo:

On Drobni pijesak beach, Montenegro Star guests can get off the boat if they want to spend their day here, but also guests who came with a previous tour can get on the boat if they want to come back to Petrovac.

Not so long ago this beach could only be reached from the sea.

Some may be surprised by the name of this beach (Fine Sand) as the beach itself is mostly covered by rocks, but fine sand fulfill the whole underwater area of the inlet giving it a fantastic azure color.

Drobni Pijesak, photo:

Here you can rent a lounger and a parasol, swim and dive, sunbathe or dine in one of great national restaurants.

After picking up the guests from Drobni Pijesak beach, the boat heads towards Petrovac. On the way back, you can see the same wonderful places as before, but after seeing Rezevici again, the boat changes its rout and starts circling around the islands of Katic and Sveta Nedjelja (Holly Sunday), before reaching Petrovac. Here is one more chance to take great photos for your Facebook and Instagram profile. Before finishing the trip one more enjoyable memory for our guests is sailing along the line of Petrovac beach.