A cruising tour Petrovac-Budva is a tour to remember! If you want to see the most beautiful beaches of Budva Riviera, to take wonderful photos of Sveti Stefan or Milocer, to visit Budva and swim in the water lapping the beaches of Hawaii island, and all that in one day – than this is the trip made for you.

Our Montenegro Star boats sail out from a dock in Petrovac and set off towards Budva, a town also known as “the queen of Montenegrin tourism”.

As soon as we sail out you will have a chance to enjoy the wild beauty of Montenegrin coastline – sloping rocks that descend into water, thick pine woods and hills rising high above the sea will bring you to Rezevici and Perazica Do beach.

This is where the untouched nature spreads in front of you, until we reach the cape Skocidjevojka (Maiden’s leap). After passing this cape you will notice canon bunkers from the period of FR Yugoslavia buried in the cliffs, and magnificent villas on the top of the cliffs.

The first stop of the tour is on the beach Drobni Pijesak (Fine Sand). Our guests are welcome to get off the boat and spend the rest of the day on this beach. On the way back from Budva, Montenegro Star picks up all the guests who decided to stay on Drobni Pijsak beach.

Drobni Pijesak, photo: Wikipedia

Montenegro Star then continues the tour towards Budva and first gets to Sveti Stefan making a half circle around it so it can be seen from all sides. This is a chance to take your best photos of this inspiring location and share them on your social network profiles.

Just near Sveti Stefan is Milocer, which used to be a summer royal residence, and today is a resort for milliners.

After seeing Milocer you won’t miss to notice Przno and a beach Kamenovo, followed by a great beach in Becici that will definitely attract your attention. Here, you will also see how popular Rafailovici area is.

As soon as you pass cape Zavala, and reach Budva, you won’t be able to miss the veriosity of offer it has – from bungee jump for the brave ones, numerous night clubs and bars for the ones who like partying and luxurious marinas for the rich ones.

Budva, photo: Wikipedia

Montenegro Star boat sails in Budva, docks in and stays for 2 hours and a half, giving you enough of time to feel the atmosphere of Budva, swim and sunbathe on Slovenska beach or have lunch in one of popular fish restaurants.

When this break in Budva is over, Montenegro Star takes you to Hawaii Island. Sveti Nikola island, also known as Hawaii, is far enough from Budva, which gives you a chance to make wonderful panoramic photos. You are welcome to swim and sunbathe here as well in one of the beaches or have fun in a beach bar as the boat is docked in Hawaii for one hour. After this it slowly strats its way back to Petrovac.

After picking up the guests from Drobni Pijesak beach, the boat circles around the islets of Katic i Sveta Nedjelja (Holly Sunday), before reaching Petrovac. However, one more enjoyable memory for our guests before finishing the trip is sailing along a line of Petrovac beach.

Petrovac and islets of Katic and Sveta Nedjelja (Holly Sunday) photo: Wikipedia