The Cruise

What is the first thing you think of when a word “cruise” comes to your mind? The sea, wind in your hair, sunbathing, swimming, adventure, great photos, holiday? We are sure that you can continue this list with plenty of positive associations, especially if you sail from Petrovac to Budva by Montenegro Star boats.

Budva Riviera, area of “pearly beaches”, is the central part of Montenegrin coast in which heart is Budva town. Apart from Budva, there are Petrovac, St. Stefan, Rafailovici, Milocer, Przno, Rezevici and about forty other smaller settlements.

The riviera is well known for a wondrous blueness of the Adriatic Sea, jagged coastline, Mediterranean climate and numerous tourist services. With 270 days of sunshine and a swimming season that lasts from May to October, this area attracts tourists from different parts of the world.

Cruising with Montenegro Star boats gives you a unique opportunity to get to know every detail of Montenegrin coast stretching between Petrovac and Budva.

We have a standard offer of three types of cruises:
a cruising trip from Petrovac to Budva, with a break of 2 hours in Budva and 1 hour on Hawaii island
a cruising trip from Petrovac to Drobni Pijesak with a stop on Drobni Pijesak beach
– a cruising trip – panoramic sightseeing tour without stops – from Petrovac to St. Stefan

From the very beginning of this cruise, guests have the opportunity to enjoy the sights, beaches and towns that look very different when viewed from the sea. Among them, we’d like to hishlight:

– a wild beach Crvena Stijena (Red Rock)
Perazica Do and Rezevici,
– one of the pearls of the Adriatic – -Skocidjevojka (Maiden’s leap) – which witnesses one of the most romantic stories from local history
– a beach popular for family holidays – Drobni Pijesak (Fine Sand) ,
– a unique island-hotel – Sveti Stefan (St. Stefan),
– a former royal resort – Milocer,
– a beach favored by the young and those who feel that way – Kamenovo,
– Montenegrin Monte Karlo – Rafailovici,
– A beach that boasts with the most beautiful sand – Becici,
Budva, Slovenska plaza and Hawaii island (St. Nikola).

Larger types of boats, like ours, are very convenient for sailing because, apart from featuring high comfort and safety, they ensure better views.

While traveling by our boat, we’d recommend you to take a wide-brimmed hat or a cap that will protect you from the sun. Montenegro Star boat contains a sun protecting awning, but if you are taking a cruise towards Budva or Drobni Pijesak, it’s recommendable to wear a hat while you are off the boat. You might also need sunglasses, sunscreen and a scarf that you may use to wrap around your waist and your swimming costume. And do not forget your mobile phones, camcorders and cameras as the pictures from this cruise are something you’ll definitely want to share with your friends.

Let your fondest memory from this year’s holiday be right from Budva Riviera cruise with us.