Rezevici and Perazica Do

Rezevici is a settlement in Budva Riviera 5 km away from Petrovac (by car) and about 14km from Budva.

Rezevici, well known for a monastery of the same name, is an area of almost untouched nature. Rezevici monastery is told to be raised on a place where a pagan temple of ancient times used to be. This monastery has three churches: the churches of Holy Trinity, Ascension of the Holy Virgin and Archdeacon Stefan.

Rezevici monastery, photo:

Serbian King Stefan the First-Crowned visited Rezevici. He raised the church of Ascension of the Holy Virgin which was consecrated in 1223.

Serbian Emperor Dusan raised the church of Archdeacon Stefan in Rezevici. It was consecrated in 1351 and on that occasion the Emperor gave his well known Code to Pastrovici as a present. They used it on their sessions in Drobni Pijesak and according to the Code delivered judgements on Sudino Brdo.

The church of Holy Trinity construction is best preserved in this monastery complex. It is raised in the shape of a cross in 1770.

Thanks to peace, tranquility and clear water of the sea, this small settlement in Montenegrin coast is visited by a significant number of guests. Even those who prefer swimming in Petrovac, visiting Sveti Stefan or having a good time in Budva, will find time to drop a visit to Rezevici, relax and charge their batteries here.

A view of Perazica Do from Rezevici, photo:

Rezevici is a place where tall and rocky mountains meet Mediterranean greenness and a magnificent view of the open blue sea .enchants everyone.

Underneath the monastery is a little bay (beach)Perazica Do. In the sixties of the past century some houses were constructed in the hinterland of this area.

On the right side of the beach, when looked from the hill, there is an unfinished reconstruction of The Hotel As. This hotel was principally designed to look like a steamship who ran aground and hit the rocks, and used to be the pearl of the Adriatic favored by German and English visitors. Today it is known as “Montenegrin Titanic”.

Perazica Do, photo:

Perazica Do is at only 5 km from Petrovac by car, and just 2 km by spectacular asphalt track which goes along a side of the hill, also passing through a few lighted tunnels. During this walk or ride with Montenegro Star boats beach Crvena Stijena can be seen. This is a place where numerous fish picnics are organized.