Petrovac and the Islets of Katic and Sveta Nedjelja

Many people would say Petrovac is the most beautiful place in Budva Riviera, with 300 sunny days a year. Here, crystal clear water shaped a gentle coastline with two small sandy bays– Petrovac town beach and Lucice beach, and many other “wild” beaches, all of them facing Katic and Sveta Nedjelja (Holy Sunday)islets.

Katic and Sveta Nedjelja islets are located at about one kilometer from Petrovac beach. The church on Sveta Nedjelja islet is a small rustic construction with simple architectural design.

Petrovac and the islets of Katic and Sveta Nedjelja, Photo: Wikipedia

There are more than one legends about how the church was constructed. According to one of them, a sailor of a Greek origin raised it, when he ran aground the third, underwater island. Today, this third, underwater island, actually reef is called Donkova sjeka.

Another story tells that this church was made by the sailors from Boka bay. They were serving on Austro-Hungarian ship Zenta who was sunk in the First World War. Zenta was sunk by the Allies a few kilometers from this shore, leaving the sailors in the sea. However, people of this area, Pastrovici, hurried with their boats to help and save as many sailors as possible, who as a sign of gratitude raised this church of Holy Sunday.

The church was damaged in a devastating earthquake that struck Montenegro in 1979, and renewed and consecrated in 2007. It is both an important sight and a characteristic of Petrovac bay. This is why many of the tourists dare to swim to the islet and the church and ring its bell.

You can rent a lounger and a parasol, paddle boat and other things needed for your beach stay on both Petrovac beaches.
There is a beautiful long promenade along the town beach, with plenty of café bars, restaurants and small shops. At the end of this promenade is Lazaret, i.e. Castello fortress and a dock, where fish boats and Montenegro Star boats sail in and out of Petrovac.

Lucice beach, photo:

Another small bay where Lucice beach is is separated from Petrovac by Malo brdo (Small Hill). You can reach it either by road (it takes 1 km) or through the pine woods and Mediterranean undergrowh using a path. From the top of Malo Brdo is a spectacular view on the deep blue sea and whole Petrovac.

Even though Petrovac is a holiday town favoured by families with young children, fun and adrenaline water sports, such as jet skiing, tube and scooters are available as well.

For those who like walking, we suggest a trail from Lucice beach to Buljarica. This paved and lighted trail will lead you through pine woods, over the hill to the second longest beach in Montenegro.

Buljarica, photo:

This almost 3 km long rocky and sandy beach is still one of great Montenegrin potentials still not developed. In the hinterland of this beach there are numerous villas with apartments, camps and smaller settlement which out of season number not more than 100 inhabitants.
For Buljarica there are numerous valorization plans, one of which is moving the festival Sea Dancefrom Jaz beach to Buljarica beach.

However, while not having tourism developed, Buljarica may be able to boast with crystal clear sea and first category quality of water!