Milocer and Przno

Milocer, a former summer residence of Yugoslav king Aleksandar Karadjordjevic, is a summer resort today – Villa Milocer – designed for delicate, romantic and rich clientele, as well as for meetings of many prime ministers and presidents, and organization of business forums.

King’s beach is about 300m long, surrounded by thick pine forest which spreads over the area of 18ha, with many rare exotic species of trees such as cedrus tree, a type of a tropical mimosa, medlar, different kinds of cactuses, agaves… Next to King’s beach there is also somewhat shorter Queen’s beach .

King’s and Queen’s beach, Milocer, photo:

If at some point you heard stories about Montenegro and the Adiatic sea, you must have also heard about the poetical beauty of Queen’s beach. Crystal blue sea, almost untouched nature, peace and quiet are features of this amazing place, reached only from the sea. And if you wonder whose name this beach carries, the answer of locals is queen Marija’s king Aleksandar Karadjordjevic’s wife.

Today the entrance to King’s beach is free but you are required to rent a longer and a parasol. At first this sounds ideal, and that’s why passengers of our boats wonder why there are so few guests on the beach. The reason is the price of 75 euro for a rental of beach furniture.

Milocer Villa is a part of a hotel resort”Aman Sveti Stefan” – a luxurious summer resort where visitors pay up to 3000 euro per night for peace and quiet on the most beautiful beach of Montenegrin coastline.

Milocer, photo: Wikipedia

Those who don’t want to spend this much for staying in this royal resort can have a walk from Sveti Stefan, through Milocer, to Przno, along an amazing path by the sea.

Przno is a lovely fishing place and a small bay rich in pine woods, the atmosphere of the tradition of the area which is practically felt in the air and in heartly communication with (not so many)locals who will greet you with great hopspitality.

Apart from tradition, hotel Maestral is also the one meeting guestsin Przno area and beach, with one of the most popular casinos in Montenegro.

Przno, photo: