Drobni Pijesak and Skocidjevojka

Heading towards south towards Petrovac from Budva, the terrain changes, with many small inlets and bays with lovely beaches that can be reached only from the sea. Drobni pijesak is the one which is especially attractive, located in a small rocky bay, 250m long.

A white-yellow sand gives this beach the look of a genuine tropical beach, and its hinterland rich in olive trees and Mediterranean woodlands is the reason why it’s called “wild”. On the beach itself there is a drinking spring water and a few restaurants and cafes. For those who love underwater world, the untouched nature of Drobni Pijesak is a place to come to. The view of plenty of fish species, cephalopods and crustaceans makes a long lasting memory.

Drobni Pijesak, photo: montenegro.travel

Drobni pijesak is a favorite place for locals to spend their free day . This was the place where in the past leading people of Pastrovici had their sessions, so called Bankada. Not so long ago this beach could only be reached from the sea, but today there is a possibility to get to it from M1 (Adriatic) road Petrovac – Budva.

Before reaching Drobni Pijesak, when sailing withour Montenegro Star boat from Petrovac towards Budva, you can’t miss to notice a vertical cliff just standing in the sea. Today, this cliff and the area around it is called Skocidjevojka (Maiden’s leap).

A maiden from the legend about this place was waiting for her beloved who was far away from her, first serving in a war and then serving on a Venetian galley. However, her stepmother promised her to another man, inspite of her wish to stay faithful to her beloved one. As she was unable to oppose her stepmother, the girl from thislegend ran from home and was hiding in monasteries for years.

Skocidjevojka, photo: CdM

However, one day, the girl met the man she was promised to marry on one cliff near Budva. He insisted on taking her with him, but there was only one true love in her heart, unfortunately still far away. As she couldn’t escape him, she ran into woodlands and jumped from the cliff into the sea refusing to be with anyone else if she could not be with her beloved one.

As you are passing by Skocidjevojka, from the sea you’ll be able to see numerous villas and blocks of apartments, constructing whichmillions of euros were invested in the past few years. For some of them you might think “if could they could do more”.