Budva and Hawaii Island (Sveti Nikola)

Budva is an unofficial carrier of “Queen of Montenegrin Tourism” title, thanks to its natural beauties, rich hotel and private accommodation offer, numerous day activities and hot night life.

During the past years Budva has been the most popular tourist destination in Montenegro. It also owns this popularity to a famous show series “Budva na pjenu od mora“.

Budva is famous for its Old Town. Houses and churches made of stone, narrow streets and little green gardens, all completely surrounded by ramparts, make Budva typical medieval Mediterranean town, inside of which a vivid tourist offer takes place today. While walking along its streets you will find various restaurants of national and international specialties, pastry shops, souvenir shops, exclusive boutiques, perfume shops, jeweler’s… in a word, something for everyone.

Budva Old Town, photo: odmaraj.me

Apart from Old Town there is also an attraction of Budva marina once serving fishermen, today mostly at disposal of luxurious yachts and speedboats. It’s very lively in these wateres during the summer. You can see fishing boats, water scooters, but also don’t be surprised if you see a (semi)submarine.

If you have a walk around Budva, you won’t miss to see Budva symbol -shapes of two fish, facing each other’s tails. According to the legend Cadmus, son of a Phoenician king, founded Budva town. He was banished from Thebes and together with his wife Harmonia he came on an oxen-drawn carriage and found a shelter here. The name of Budva comes from a Greek word for oxen, “bous”. Cadmus’s curse was to become a dragon, and that was why he decided to kill himself by jumping into the sea. His faithful wife joined him and in that moment they turned into two fish, which are until today the symbol of this town.

Havaii island (St Nikola) near Budva, photo: roditeljsrbija.com

on the other side of land, facing Budva is Havaii island- Sveti Nikola, the biggest island on Montenegrin coast. You can even swim to it if you are keen on adventures. On its beaches you will enjoy smell of the Mediterranean, blueness of the sea and warmth of the sun, with available restaurant of fresh seafood specialties that can make your day even better.

Budva is rich in cultural events during the whole year. Those are music events, film and literary events, festivals for children, but also carnivals, fishing festivals, festivals on beaches, theatre plays, concerts, exhibitions… Two of the most famous festivals that take place every year are a theatre eventGrad Teatar Budva” (from mid June to the end of September) and music festival “Sea Dance”, this year taking place in Buljarica.

Budva, photo: Wikipedia

Budva is well known for its 3.2 km long walking area from Old Town along the coast through Becici, Rafailovici all the way to famous Kamenovo beach. Along this lane there are plenty of restaurants, cafes, night clubs and shopping zones.
No matter what kind of offer you choose in Budva, it is for sure that Budva won’t leave you or anyone who visit it indifferent.