Becici and Rafailovici

Becici and Rafailovici used to be small fishing villages near Budva. Today, Becici is well known for a great number of luxurious hotels, and Rafailovici is sometimes called Montenegrin Monte Carlo.

Becici has one of the most beautiful beaches in Montenegro and southern part of the Adriatic, which is 1950 meters long. Sand and small stones here are so colorful and in so many different shapes, you will wish you got a bigger bag with you for your private collection. In 1935 this beach won the Gran prix in Paris as the most beautiful beach in Europe.

Becici, photo:

Investments in Becici have been huge during the past few years and hotel Splendid is considered to be the most important one of about 70 million euros. In 2006 a film about one of the most famous secret agents James Bond 007 – Casino Royale was made in this magnificent hotel resort, while the number of summits and forums organized here is for sure very flattering.

On a hill called Zavala, which separates Budva and Becici, you can see Dukley resort. Its elegant and luxurious unit, Dukley Gardens set on an isolated location with the view of a crystal blue sea of Budva, features a private beach called Guvance. This is the place where each apartment has a furnished terrace, and is uniquely decorated and equipped with modern amenities for a relaxing and comfortable holiday. To get around the area with ease, guests have golf carts at their disposal.

Rafailovici, photo: Wikipedia

On the right side, when looked from Montenegro Star, towards Kamenovo beach, is a place where Rafailoviciis located. This is a small place, on the eastern part of Becici beach. What makes it very attractive for numerous guests is an easy approach from M1 Adriatic road, the location – right on the sea, and a walking lane connecting it with Budva.

In the past couple of years Rafailovici changed hugely, having now plenty of luxurious apartments, hotels and restaurants with high quality service and fish specialties. The sea here is of a turquoise blue color , and from the hills above Rafailovici a spectacular view of Budva Riviera is something really amazing, especially when it’s duck and the sun sets in the sea.

The view from the hills above Rafailovici, photo: